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Stats from our latest trip (2020)

1. 319 patients underwent free cataract surgery
2. Screened 1153 students
3. 163 were found to have poor vision and were referred for further testing

We Care, So Should You!

We are committed towards advancing the ocular health status of individuals in need in Somalia. Eye conditions such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, trachoma, glaucoma and ametropia, lead to avoidable blindness. By providing eye care, education, glasses and surgeries where necessary, we endeavour to reduce the burden of preventable blindness in these communities.

People screened
Cataract surgeries
Students screened
glasses dispensed

Help us continue our programs

Our mission extends beyond our annual trips and impacts the communities that we serve.

By keeping an open communication with the locals and doctors in these communities, we create sustainable programs that address all their ocular needs. Educating these communities is thus an integral part of what we do.

Vision is a critical component to our existence. It elevates our quality of life and its importance is felt most by those who have lost this sense. This loss becomes even more tragic when it could have been avoided with early access to eye care practitioners and timely intervention.

With only a $100USD donation, you can help someone with Cataracts have access to sight saving surgery. Your donations will also go to screening primary and high school students for important vision disorders such as amblyopia and prescribing glasses where needed. 

Our mission is to eliminate preventable blindness or vision
impairment in rural Somalia